1. What costs are associated with GTN?  The Huddlestons are retired and their service is their effort to honor God and further the work of the Lord.  Workshops are offered free.  If a congregation can assist with travel and lodging expenses, it is helpful but not required.  Any assistance given helps sustain this good work.  The cost of study guides and other material is minimal, and shipping costs are split 50-50! (see Gospel Teaching Materials).
  2. What is the Alpha Study?  Each attendee is encouraged to immediately follow-up the workshop by beginning a Bible study with one to three people who are already Christians.  This will give them the opportunity to practice teaching the gospel (with Do You Know? or other methods) and get a better feel for how to teach and explain the gospel to others.  When this study is completed, the Christian teacher should be ready for the opportunities to teach others that will come their way.
  3. Are members going to be made to feel guilty if they do not choose to become teachers? Not at all!  The scriptures teach that not everyone has the ability or responsibility to be a teacher (James 3:1).  The gift of evangelism is given to some, not all (Ephesians 4:11).  Our goal is to inspire and motivate all Christians and to train those who are led to get involved in teaching others the gospel.  There are many other ways members can help those who are teaching.
  4. How does a workshop go, time-wise? Days and times are flexible, but workshops typically take place in five two hour sessions.  It can be held on a Sunday-Wednesday, or Thursday through Sunday, or a more compressed schedule on Saturday/Sunday.   The pace is relaxed and fellowship is encouraged.
  5. What is meant by “Network”?  Those who attend a workshop are automatically added to the GTN network.  This means they will receive regular encouragement and help if needed.  It also means they will have the opportunity to be connected with other teachers for the purpose of giving or receiving help from others at work in the fields.  Members can elect to be added to the GTN Facebook group.
  6. How and when can we schedule a GTN workshop?  Call, email or write GTN for the next available time (click on Home/Contact on the left).
  7. Can I order and use the Gospel Teaching materials without attending a workshop?  Anyone can order GTN materials and use them to God’s glory.