Gospel Teaching Workshops

A Gospel Teaching Workshop is a ten-session workshop conducted over several days (days and times are flexible).  Each workshop has two goals:  1) Motivating Christians to become active in teaching the gospel, and 2) Training Christians how to more effectively share the gospel with others.

The motivational goal is achieved by helping Christians to realize more deeply what the gospel has done and is still doing for them.  We recognize not every Christian has the gift of teaching but even for those who do, motivation may be needed to overcome fears and the busyness of life that keeps many from taking action.  Motivation comes directly from God’s word as each lesson focuses on Biblical teachings so powerful that Christians find themselves with a strong drive to share them with others

The training goal is achieved by practical discussions on overcoming fears, where to find people with whom to share the gospel, how to turn connections into conversations and knowing what to say.   The training goal is also helped by post-workshop practice, the Alpha Study.  Although GTN training compliments any method for teaching the gospel, those who attend will be shown how to use the gospel teaching material, Do You Know  Jesus’ claim found in John 14:6 that he is “the Way,” “the Truth,” and “the Life” provides the structure for the three booklets used in this study that is easy to learn and simple to use.

By the conclusion of each workshop, congregations can expect to have one or more members motivated and ready to start sharing the gospel.  From these Christians, others will be motivated to start bringing souls to Christ.  Those who complete the workshop are invited to become a part of the Gospel Teaching Network which provides Christians with continuing encouragement and help.