What Participants Are Saying

At the close of each seminar, participants are invited to provide an anonymous evaluation of the workshop.  Some of the comments received include the following:

  • “I regret I only made it to one class but I found it encouraging and am excited to share it with my small group and see if they would study it with me.”
  • “This workshop helped me so much.  It reinforced for me the love of our Savior and my desire to teach others.  It was wonderful.”
  • “This is fantastic.  Don does a great job.  He truly has the heart of a servant and is a good motivator.”
  • “I enjoyed the workshop.  It was encouraging and informative.”
  • “I enjoyed it.”  Make workshop last a little longer.”
  • “Encouragement”
  • “Lots of information!  Good encouragement to get busy.  I like we got Bible reminding us of our job to be ambassadors.  I like how we got training to help us.  I think this needs more emphasis.”
  • “I think its a good work for the Lord.”