The Network

GTN uses networking in an attempt to continue the excitement and action once the workshop is over.  When people attend various kinds of workshops and seminars, they often leave having become highly motivated.  Frequently however, after a few days, the excitement begins to wane and nothing happens.  Those who receive GTN training will  receive regular coaching and encouragement through phone calls, newsletters, visits, and through the mutual sharing of experiences by gospel teachers using the website and GTN Facebook group.  We envision, not just the Huddlestons, but others as well, providing help and encouragement to fellow teachers, especially those in their area.

Harvest News  will be a place for teachers within the network to share their experiences with each other.  Prayer requests, results of studies, questions (and answers) can be shared within the network.  From time to time, mini-workshops or fellowship activities are planned to help “…stir up one another to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24).