Teach Them To Teach!

 A powerful new tool is available for individuals, small groups or congregational classes. The Gospel Teaching Network workshop has been put into a thirteen lesson study guide called Teach Them To Teach.  Like the workshop, this three-part study provides motivation and training for Christians so they can be more active and effective in sharing the gospel.  Part 1 focuses on motivation:  on the gospel as good news, and on five things the gospel has brought to every faithful Christian–God’s Incredible Love, God’s Undeserved Mercy, God’s Delightful Joy, God’s Surpassing Peace, and God’s Gift of Hope!  These lessons bring home the message that it is precisely because of these exciting and wonderful blessings that it becomes natural to want others to have them as well.  Part 2 provides practical biblical teaching on Finding the Courage, Finding the People, Finding the Opportunity and Finding the Words.  Part 3, introduces and gives an overview of Do You Know? (a three-part presentation of the gospel and follow-up studies).

To examine Teach Them To Teach (or download a free copy) click on the link below.  Also below are links to thirteen videos suitable for introducing each of the thirteen lessons.

Teach Them To Teach Study Guide (view or download   Click Here )

Teach Them To Teach Videos (To view, click links below)

  1.  The Gospel Is Good News!
  2.    God’s Incredible Love!
  3.     God’s Undeserved Mercy!
  4.  God’s Delightful Joy!
  5. God’s Surpassing Peace
  6. God’s Gift of Hope
  7. Finding the Courage
  8. Finding the People
  9. Finding the Opportunity
  10. Finding the Words
  11. Do You Know Jesus the Way?
  12. Do You Know Jesus the Truth?
  13. Do You Know Jesus the Life?