The Huddlestons

Don and Letha Huddleston
The Huddlestons are forgiven sinners who owe their lives and souls and hopes to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Don has been privileged to preach the gospel for more than fifty years in Kansas, Mississippi, California and Oklahoma. Four years were spent working with the Clark Airbase congregation located in the Philippine Islands. For twenty-plus years (’97-’17) Don preached and worked with the Hartford Avenue congregation in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  Retired now from fulltime employment, they continue to make their home in Ponca City.  The Huddlestons have been married since 1965.  They have four children and thirteen grandchildren.

The Huddlestons do not claim to be experts at sharing the gospel but that is their passion and delight. Their desire, the Lord willing, is to devote the remainder of their days teaching and encouraging others in this great work.  Don is also the author of Concentrated Bible Study and a number of class study booklets. The gospel teaching material (Do You Know?) is built around the words of John 14:6, Christ as the way, the truth, and the life.  Also, the GTN workshop has been developed into a format useful for individual and class study called Teach Them To Teach.